Friday, November 20, 2009

Qazi Mamoon is now a delegate | One Young World

Dear Qazi,

Congratulations! Since registering as a candidate you are now well on your way to becoming a delegate representing Malaysia. Not only have you accumulated a high number of votes, your submission fits the profile of the young leaders and decision makers of tomorrow in vited to attend One Young World Summits. Your profile status has now been upgraded to 'delegate' on the Facebook app.

Wow.... I have been made a delegate.. Which means to really go to london and attend the Summit, I need to get a sponsor.. Its not easy I know.. Oh.. A sponsor because the required fee is too large.. 3000 Pounds.. Well, with that amount of money I can buy myself a nice car. I dont want to miss the summit just because I couldnt arrange for the money.. Time for some skilss to be put to test.. London... Here I come...

1) I am the only Kashmiri who is going.. Should I ask the Kashmiri government to sponsor me.. Well, no they wont... They wont like me.. (or my blog)

2) I would rather ask the Indian government to sponsor me.. But then the government wouldnt like a Kashmiri to represent them.. Period

3) Why would I ask the Malaysian government to sponsor.. I hardly know a bit of Malay..

4) Now, all that is left are companies.. Maybe they will sponsor, thanks to my CGPA and other boring stuff that I am good at.. (London :( )

Any ideas please???

Any sponsors please??????


Alec Smart was ill today... He didnt even have money for the medicines :(