Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am an open-minded guy who loves to work and get involved with anything that I find fulfilling. I share my time and talents with other people to be an instrument of their inspiration in achieving something they could be proud of, even a help in a assignment is important for me. I may have lesser achievements for now being a leader, but I am very much willing to work harder just to prove that I have the ability of becoming a good leader. Its just a matter of giving a chance.

I am a Kashmiri by birth, a land which is thirsty for good leaders. I, talented no doubt, dream big and try to build my skills in every sphere possible.

I am now a engineering student in one of best universities in malaysia and my tuition fees are fully funded by scholarship. I am highly concerned about human rights issues, environmental issues, technology and also poverty. As a witness to human rights violation, I would be strong in defending human rights for the sake of humanity.

So, lets try and make a better life for humanity. All that is left is the future now, and its going to be ours.

On the light side, be it in piano playing, learning new languages, or just volunteering for so many things, I am always somewhere around. I am a freelance journalist who writes on social issues.. Debater and bla bla. I am usually posting stuff on the internet (but not while I am driving :) ).

I dont believe that some other guy would come up and be the saviour. All the others would be thinking the same right? I am someone who wants to give the best for mankind, and this earth. I know the task as a candidate "One Young World" is not easy, but I can promise to all of you who read my statement, that I will do my best for all, with creativity, and innovation of young people that I have to co-exist with..

The point is that we are not searching for people who can merely lead a group of 100 more or something like that.. We need people who can dream, like Martin Luther King once did..

I'm ready to lead representative changes in our society. I know the steps to achieve it are not easy, there will be barriers as in any path but there is nothing that persistence, tolerance, creativity and will can't do.

As they say, "Charity begins at home but it should not end there... "

I would also like to thank my parents who have alwayz stood beside me in good and bad, in highs and lows..

You can follow my website at 'www.qazimamoon.com', where I write about social and political problems that exist in Kashmir and elsewhere.

Qazi Mamoon,
A Global Citizen

Alec Smart saod: "Ouu Bacha Bada Hogaya Hai (The Child is growing up.. Oouuu)