Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13 October 2009

I am in the CAD lab. Making a stapler. Wish me best of luck! :)

and some other updates (no big boring articles for this post):

The Semester is about to come to an end.
I lost my wallet a few days back.
The CAD teacer hates me (!!)
I hate the rest (!!)

IIUM is almost same.. Some people are graduating this time of the year. The new complex is almost ready to be opened for public. Nasi Goreng Special is fantastic. and my Farm in Farmvile (FACEBOOK) is growing..

Oh and...
I am thinking of a minor, so i get to choose one of these as one:
1. Economics
2. Management
3. IRKHS (Islamic Revealed Knowledge)

I am stuck between choosing Number 1 and Number 3.. I think I will go with Number 3. Then I can Debate better :D (and blog much much better)

Am thinking of growing a beard too.. But Alas! the beard doesnt want me.. So I will wait for sometime until it comes !!!

Alec Smart Said: A muslim with a beard may not be a good muslim in other respects (email me and i can give you thousands of examples). So stop judging our DEEN based on the acts of such bearded people.. Or Just compare Mamoon (no beard) with ShahRukh Khan (no beard again... Ooops.. )