Saturday, September 12, 2009

The One with all the clothes!

So my exams have finished and my room is but a terribles mess.. My clothes are unwashed and.. -err have to wash them! I put all the dirty clothes at one side and things like date kernels, empty packets, empty coffee things, spoons, deos, combs, tissues, papers, pens, spiders, mosquitoes, mobile recharges, socks, snakes, and whales on the bed.. First mission completed.. Second to search every pocket for things such as mobile phones, 100 Rm notes, my friends, and my laptop.. Found a scissor in one and a watch on another... So far so good.. Took me 10 minutes to find my dynamo bottle! (Surph Excel for those in India!).. Oh no!!! Whats that!! My favourite jeans is torn!!! Cannot be!! Ah! There is a solution! Mom had given me a 'tsitchen pan daav" -(needles and thread) when I was about to leave for Malaysia a year before.. TADA!! I managed to sew it up!! Now my thumb doesnt want to stop bleeding! and my eyes are dizzy (a direct consequence of trying to put the thread into the needle) and my backs sore (i leaned too much when i was playing tailor-tailor).. Sigh! and i didnt do a really good job! It looks so wierd! Oh my jeans...!!

Things to buy: 3 or 4 buttons to sew to my kurta! Apparantly the Indian style button tend to fall out and my kurta looks too vulgar... Oh my poor thumb!!!

Alec Smart said: Dont tell his momma about this u nosy nosy people!!