Sunday, September 20, 2009

Now When Farooq Abdullah Prayed


Please read this before reading this article:

When Omar Abdullah Prayed


I am thankful to someone for this picture. I wouldnt mention his name though (if he wants me to mention, well I can..). I am also thankful to a reader who chipped in this comment in my earlier post on Omar Abdullah..

It was all grandpa's vision. Hindu Muslim Sikh Eesai Aapus mein hai bai bai. Hindu Son in Law, Muslim ...., Sikh Daughter in Law and Eesai Son in Law. Long live the family and the vision!!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words.. Need I Write More!!???


Alec Smart Said: Farooq is wishing EID MUBARAK to ganesha (the idol) and giving him EIDI..