Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday 24th August!

Dear bad-idea-online-diary-cum-blog,

Its the third day of fasting already!

Happened to break our fast in the LRT train yesterday !!
5 people shared 2 dates and some ton load of jokes!
Birthday of a friend!
An Iftar Party!
Ended up eating Triple Whopper at Burger King!
I was praying in Kashmiri
Asking Allah for lots of things..
one of my Kashmiri friends
was saying Ameen!!
our friend from Pakistan
(whom we have taught some bits of Kashmiri)

" Ya Allah Tuih Chiw Haz Warai" .....
which means

"Oh Lord!

. How are you? "

and thus laughter followed!

ah! Now you are interested.. Time for some Basic Kashmiri!! What say folks!!:

How Are You? Tuih Chiw Haz Warai
I am Fine! Ahnaz Aa Warai!
My Name Is _ Me Chu Naav
What is your name? Tse Kya Naav?