Thursday, July 16, 2009

Asrar Murder Case Solved| Orkut, Girl and Cable TV to blame

The Editorial Of 16th July Greater Kashmir.. Written exactly as I would have...

True to adage ‘give credit to the disagreeable’ it needs to be agreed that the state police with some of its members having earned it disrepute has more than once proved its professional competence. Police on Tuesday claimed of having solved the sensational murder of Asrar Mushtaq a youth from Maisuma, who had gone missing on 3 July 2009 and four days later his body was found near Sheikh Colony in Mallakah. The boy according to police was murdered by two of his buddies and the cause for the murder was a girl student. Both the missing and killing of the body had provoked widespread demonstration first in the uptown where people had suspected hand of some government agency in the mysterious death of the youth and then it had spilled over to other parts of the city. There were widespread protests all over the city against the mysterious death of the student. Students in various colleges not only boycotted the classes but also took out protest rallies in many parts of the city. The incident had caused violence in many parts of the city with youth indulging in stone pelting and dings dong battles with the police and the paramilitary forces. Many youth with serious injuries were wounded. The disturbances not only affected the daily wagers but also took a toll of the state economy. It is not first instance when a simple crime by an individual or a couple of people have triggered massive public protests. A similar situation had arisen when an auto rickshaw driver from the same locality had gone missing and was later found dead in Bemina or a trader from a posh area was done to death by one of his nearest relatives. Such incidents of crime call for an introspection from people, pulpit and politicians. There is need to understand that if people are not getting hypersensitive. And are working against their own interests. The murder of the Maisuma youth has many a lesson in it which need be learnt coolly by all section of our society. It has a lesson for people, pulpit and police. The incident which in many ways is similar to one that occurred about two months back in a posh area where two aberrant youth ran over a car on a girl student and killed her. The incident at that time had pricked conscience of a section of society who had reacted but as has always happened in our city the response proved effervescent. It died after the activists and women NGO’s who had agitated over the incident came under arc lamps of publicity-perhaps what they wanted. There is need for launching sustained movement against moral degradation in a section of our youth more particularly from the affluent and well-to-do families. True both parents and priests have a role to play but more importantly it is the parents who will have to monitor the activities of their children. There are some parents with lots of easy money that inflate the purses of their children without knowing where and how they were spending that money. It is parents who are by and large responsible for the waywardness of their children. There is need for starting a reformative movement in the educational institutions for reforming the new generation and putting them on much needed linear tract. The lesson for the police is that it has been but for its credibility crises that such cases of crimes assume the dimensions of public movement and bring lots of miseries to the people of the state. Police in the state will have to work hard to improve its acceptability with people.
The incident also has an important lesson for common people. Should we allow such simple individualistic crimes to take entire society as hostage? The incident should also stir the conscience of the political workers espousing a cause that if by observing strikes on such individual incidents they were not working against their own cause. The knee-jerk and imprudent reactions have always proved counterproductive to the collective interests of the people. Much before reacting to such incident the political leadership needs to think twice before giving a protest call or supporting any strike by an individual. In fact they should stand up against the vested interests that always remain on a hunt to exploit such incidents.