Sunday, June 21, 2009

The same Kashmir yet...

I am planning to make this post ASAP (as short as possible).. My vacations are going to end soon and then I will just remain with the memory of the short visit to the valley.. There is an important observation I would like to share.. While there is a group of people who are actively involved in the protests (stone pelting, sloganeering etc), there are many more who are just not bothered.. These others can be seen in places like PoloGround, Nishat, Shalimar and ChaliPoint-enjoying themselves.. Today was a hartal, I wanted to go somewhere.. I told my mom that we could go for a drive to Nishat Bagh and then back.. Sheagreed.. The car drove past the infamous house of Mr. Geelani, the atmosphere was spooky.. Only a few cars zooming past every now and then.. Hardly any person on the road.. >>>Fast Forward>> PoloGround-Cricket and Football
>>>Fast Forward>> Nishat and Chali Point- Traffic Jam.. Horns.. People.. Enjoying..

I am tired now.. My left leg is stiff.. The result of a infinite sequence of stopping and moving.. I am at my home.. Note to self.. Hartals are just for crazy people like us.. No net result in the end..

Alec Smart said: The tourists are going back.. The Kashmiris filling the place.. Long Live Mr. Geelani..