Friday, June 12, 2009

A question from the unknown..

I would like to question the so called leaders of Kashmir.. The ones who are responsible for announcing the dates of the hartals here in Kashmir... Well.. Mr Chidambaram came and there was no hartal!!! All the other days before that-there was.. I want to ask why.. Indian government must think everything is ok in Kashmir.. and the best thing is that today, Friday, 12 June-a curfew was imposed in some parts.. Sigh.. I want to go back to Malaysia..

Hapy Birthday to some... A great marriage happening nearby at Green Avenue.. Dr Tariq Kraipak's daughter getting married.. Best of luck... Lets just hope there are no more Hartals to "mansook the marraiges"

Alec Smart Said, "Hurriyatan che dichmech call, na kanh khandar na kanh saal"