Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday | 24th May 2009- SPS Museum Srinagar

Yesterday, I went to the SPS Museum. SPS stands for Sri Pratap Singh.. The building is actually a palace of Maharaja Ranbir Singh who had constructed it in 1872. Then his son Maharaha Pratap Singh made it as a museum in 1898.. (The dates are just figments of my memory).. I would recommend a visit to the musuem for anyone who lives in Kashmir, make sure that you ask someone there to show you around and inform you about the things there...


Skeleton of a Wooly Mammoth- I really didnt imagine that our museum will have those bones..

Really Ancient Coins- 500 BC till date

5th Century Statues- Statues of Shivism and Buddhism

Textiles- Great works of Kashmiri Craft- Masterpieces- Map of Srinagar on a Shawl which was completed in about 35 years

Arms- Weaponry used by the early kings of Kashmir.. Old guns Old Cannons-

Its quite astonishing to see that Kashmir has such a history-filled with Hinduism and Buddhism.. Islam is Kashmir, as such, is quite in its infancy. The museum did have some engravings from the Mughal Period, and remains of the beautiful handworked glazed tiles taken from Madin Sahab, Srinagar- but as a whole, the museum gave out waves of Hinduism.. Thus, any tourist to Kashmir, might love to pay a visit to our beloved SPS museum..

Alec Smart said: There is a new building under construction for the statues.. The roads for the humans are still antique..