Sunday, May 17, 2009

Omar Abdullah and NC

NC wins. Thats supposed to be good isn't it? Besides, as a really really uninformed citizen knowing nothing of politics, I rather think that Omar Abdullah is doing a good job. (He is a Burn Hallian tada...) Let me show you what he wrote on his blog on 18th April 2008...

I''m sitting and watching the inaugural T20 match of the Indian Premier League as I type and it''s difficult not to be dazzled by the spectacle, the lights, the music. Fortunately for the game the action on the field has been much better than the opening ceremony laid on by Vijay Mallaya which is no mean feat since the self confessed King of good times knows how to lay on a party.

For a while I was wondering if this was an opening ceremony for the Olympics or Asian Games with acrobats, flag bearers (who entered hanging from wires attached to the flood-lights) and an oath ceremony. The world of cricket has seen nothing like this and the purists are probably appalled by the cheer leaders not to mention Shahrukh Khan's team in their GOLD helmets and pads.

How much influence this will have on the game of cricket - only time will tell. One thing is for sure cricket in India will never be the same and I guess that can be said for the rest of the cricketing world as well. I'd be interested to see if this new TV friendly format is able to spread beyond the traditional cricket playing nations.

Spare a thought for Zee's Subhash Chandra. Every one has been very quick to credit BCCI and Lalit Modi for this revolution. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't IPL a panic reaction to Chandra's break away ICL. It was only BCCI's financial and political muscle that squeezed ICL and reduced it to a pariah status surviving on cricketers either retired or never likely to play for their country. Chandra, after all the money spent, must be left wondering what might have been if only.................

Ok!! Looks great... But Lets have a look at one of the comments..

suhaildar Says:
Monday, April 21, 2008

omar, is this blog abou ipl n blackberry? try to write some realistic issues on ur for how long more are the politician of kashmir gona fool kashmiris...take some leafs from rahul gandhis book... it will certainly help ur political career.

I would love to tell him even though our beloved CM is the CM, that does not mean that he shouldnt enjoy. Thats the problem with us common Kashmiris.. We think that our duties end after we vote..Blah Blah... I am going now..

Alec Smart Said.. Looks like the match has started... Even bloggers need to enjoy..

Ps... Ok I Admit.. This wasnt a good post...