Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Looks Like The Short Sem has Started..

I am really bored of the boring boring blogging on Kashmir.. Its the same thing since I have started blogging.. Now, I will make Times Of Kashmir a personaly diary too.. And thats what it actually started from.. I didnt blog about roads, and elections and freedom fighting.. But I did use to put in sum humour! Good Old Days!

Lets move to IIUM!
Did chat with Mr. Atif Javed Fazili today.. He said that his classes had started.. He is taking Dynamics and CAD if i remember properly... Good for him! Told me a secret.. shhhh

Well, the weather is bad here in Srinagar.. And just now Aizaz cam online and told me he is in Srinagar too.. I cant wait for the happy and fun filled days ahead..

Munib had come today... Took away my hard-disk and a lot of FRIENDS episodes and bits of FAMILY GUY.. 3 days Strike... Well, he wont be bored... Neither would I be... I got my keyboard too.. I will end up playing 'Fur elise' again... and I am getting better now..

As for me... Its 11.27 into the night.. so about 2 in Malaysia.. Am really bored... All i see nowadays is ROSS, CHANDLER, PHOEBE, MONICA and my fav.. JOEY! "How yaa doing"!!

I thought of scanning all the hard copy photographs and taking the soft copies with me when i go... But problem number 1... This guy has a scanner and I obviously cannot take it from him.. (or even beg it)..

Facebook Update:

Rain Rain Go away! Little Qazi wants to go to Lal Chowk!
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Saw my economics prize paper of 2.5 marks.. The clever devil had managed to slide itself between some important papers.. Now my dads so happy that his son got a 2.5 out of 10 in class... He is happy coz i told him the rest got zero..

Alec Smart Said, "2.5 marks.. Why did u forget the day when you got 1.5 in C programming??"