Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hartal | Day One

Dear Online-Bad-Idea-Personal-Diary,

At about 12.17 pm (which means the second day of Hartal has already started), I finally get time to write about the first day of the Hartal..

Woke up awfully late.. 1 O clock is just not normal in Kashmir.. It would have been great waking up at 1 O clock on a Sunday in Malaysia.. But no no... Not here.. I forgot to boil the milk.. I didnt have my morning tea with 'lawaas'.. Life is difficult.. But all that raining has stopped (finally).. Watched some more of FRIENDS episodes...

The best thing is I cant see any pictures on Facebook or Orkut.. There is this thihng going on in my mind that my 1 gb "FREE" broadband allowed limit will easily exceed... So I just disabled the "Show Pictures" option on my Firefox.. Bye Bye pretty pictures..

It so nice to know that Kashmir has so much of talent.. Recently I met added up these two great guys on Facebook.. One, Ubaid Mushtaq, writes for Rising Kashmir, Gk etc etc and is a student of IUST.. The other one, Owais Lone, studies computer engineering in Pune and looks quite promising with all those websites he has put up and the hard work that he is doing.. I am thinking that in near future I might publish some interviews or something of the talent we have in Kashmir.,.,

I have applied for a vodaphone SIM.. Oh! That was 4 days before.. The guy told me that they will send the SIM card to your home.. Well, 10 already.. I havent left my home yet.. I dont have a number... I just have the internet.. and that more than enough for me.. and my crazy thoughts..

Facebook Update :
Qazi Mamoon.. has calculated that three out of four Facebook contacts make up 75% of his friends list..
219 Friends..

Alec Smart Said, "Vodafone... Airtel.. Bsnl... Aircel.. Reliance... Hey.. Get a Tata Indicom for me.."