Sunday, May 31, 2009

A blogger in a car kills an old man on a bike

Yes, the headlines speak for themselves.. I can just imagine that headline in the poor print of Greater Kashmir.. Then, the blogger would have been jailed or whatever.. Blame it all to the poor blogger now. Oh, I am sorry.. Let me start from the roots..

The blogger whose name is Qazi Mamoon was driving a Silver Maruti Suzuki. The time was about 8.30 in the night. Total darkness. Driving carefully, he had managed to reach the place near Abdullah Bridge popularised by the presence of a really expensive eating place known as Hat Trick. He was moving on the road which is just along the banks of River Jehlum. It was a familiar place for him, much dreaded one though. The Presentation Convent School will soon pass from the left side. But this time he had other things to worry about. His was the only car in his lane. His eyes strained against those harsh headlights, so many bright cars approaching in the other direction. He couldnt see anything. He kept on trying to flash his headlights so as to make the people in other cars aware of his temporary blindness. Absolutely no car in front of him but so many in the opposite lane. He is moving at 50 kmph. Moving as straight as he can, he couldnt even see the sidewalks. A car comes blazing towards him. He tries to move left. Saved. The sidewalk was still a little bit to the left, he thought. Suddenly he sees something. About 5 metres in front of his car. Slightly towards the left side. His car moves closer. He applies brakes strongly. Thats a MotorBike.. Parked. An old man with a white beard on it facing left and talking to someone. No Brake Lights, No lights at all.. The blogger hesitates. He looks at the next approaching car at his right. The stupid old man with the no-lights-bike to the left. Brakes cant stop the car in time. Well, to make this novel sized story short.. The blogger, utilising his driving skills and experience somehow managed to slip in between the two, the side view mirror of the two cars hit.. Was a close shave.. His mother sitting right next to him nearly screamed out in fright. Luckily no one was hurt.. It was reported that the old man wasnt wearing a helmet and was so stupid, stupid so as to stop in the middle of nowhere with no warning lights and no helmet... The blogger would have hit him, and he would flied right into the dreaded Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School for Girls, Raj Bagh. Bye Bye Uncle..

Sigh... Thats a nice story indeed.. So if you see an accident and start blaming small boys who are yet to turn 20, and blaming that they caused the accident.. Think rationally.. Would a small boy have better eyesight in that darkness or Mr Bye-bye-Uncle..

Alec Smart said: Ah.. Bye-Bye-Uncle must be waiting for the girls...