Saturday, April 4, 2009

A post by my brother and friend..

"The lover, in and out, fancies his beloved in different situations. He gives time out of his study-time and finds himself unable to requisitely concentrate on his studies. It greatly eats into his academic excellence and at times could be more severe and havoc-causing. More-over, the economic aspect of the relation couldn’t be overlooked. Many-a-times, male-partner buys costly gifts or shares the financial needs of his beloved, out the money for his educational purposes like books. I know of a KU student who bought a golden-ring for her girl-friend out of the money reserved for his medicine. He sees a potential wife in her girl-friend and shares her financial needs. The trust gets ingrained and an element of possessiveness gets incorporated in the relationship. The ‘love-constitution’--- do’s, don’ts, restrictions, is framed and peer relations are cut-short."

A great article, nicely written, generalising the overall in Kashmir..

Alec Smart said:
"Aemis ha chuw gomut true...."