Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mr Mamoon

The 12th Class result has been declared.. and I tried to put my name... wanted to check if someone existed by my name.. (as you might know my name is very very rare.. people from maldives like me because their ex-president was Mr. Mamoon.. Then there is this singer Mr. Mamoon.. and then there is this guy Qazi Mamoon who lives in Washington DC and is from Pakistan.. and there is a judge Justice Mamoon Qazi also from Pakistan... As far as I am concerned I am the only "QAZI MAMOON ASHRAF' in this whole world.. Google told me.. )

Ya going back to the thought before all the confusion started.. I searched for my name in this years result.. I typed 'Mamoon'.. Voila..

"Mamoon Rashid War"

As much as that guy wouldnt like his name here, as much will I type.... and then I clicked... If you want you can click also..

Result for Mamoon Rashid War

Just one thing to say..
This guy knows Economics more than English and Urdu.. I vote for him as our next leader... Mr Mamoon,,

With really good intentions...

Alex Smart said: In Turkish Mamoon means a monkey.. | Proof |

Alex Smart said on 27th November 2009: Mein Phail hogaya