Monday, December 29, 2008

My tryst with sea water

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year..

Couple of days holiday and this is the place where I go!!
The banana boat was scary, dreary and wet!!
It was an Island somewhere, thats all I know..
The salty sea water, how can i forget..

Day and Night the fun, nothing much to care!!
What a sight of the rocks and the sea..
A 10RM taxi to take you anywhere!!
Lots of sea water to drink for free..

We cycled one morning to the top of a hill,
Clicked pictures and pictures we did,
In the night there was the barbeque grill,
In the sea I had sea water and squid..

Rice, Chicken and Egg to eat,
With lunch lots of goodies to slurp..
The sea corals cut through our feet,
And the sound of my sea water burp..

My tryst with sea water ended so soon!!
It ended with a big pringles can..
now, I am so refreshed this noon
With a smile and a face full of tan..