Monday, December 29, 2008

My tryst with sea water

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year..

Couple of days holiday and this is the place where I go!!
The banana boat was scary, dreary and wet!!
It was an Island somewhere, thats all I know..
The salty sea water, how can i forget..

Day and Night the fun, nothing much to care!!
What a sight of the rocks and the sea..
A 10RM taxi to take you anywhere!!
Lots of sea water to drink for free..

We cycled one morning to the top of a hill,
Clicked pictures and pictures we did,
In the night there was the barbeque grill,
In the sea I had sea water and squid..

Rice, Chicken and Egg to eat,
With lunch lots of goodies to slurp..
The sea corals cut through our feet,
And the sound of my sea water burp..

My tryst with sea water ended so soon!!
It ended with a big pringles can..
now, I am so refreshed this noon
With a smile and a face full of tan..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What About The Privacy?

Who the hell is that guy?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

IIUM Malaysia

Gombak- Located beautifully north.. west... no no east ( Maybe soth west ) of Kuala Lumpur, lies Gombak.. At night lift your head up and see the lovely lights of Genting Highlands.. And Bring your head down and see a marvellous university..

My new address actually looks like this.. Block F 3.5 d, Mahalla Sidiq, UIA

Yesterday I had my registration.. Means like they know now that I am here.. Have to Buy one laptop as well... cant seem to decide..

oh and yes... heres a photo..
The photo of the IIUM (or UIA) masjid

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some Coomon Mistakes Durig Prayers

Got This In An Email and decided to share it with you,. Simple Copy Paste!!

Request you to kindly go through the demonstrations as to how important each act of our prayer is.. We have to offer our Salah as our Beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW) offered and asked us to offer.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said "The coolness of my eyes lies in Salah". Just contemplate as to what is in Salah that it gave him so much pleasure and peace that our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) asked us to start our day with Salah and also end it with Salah. Even during the time of his death, the advice that he offered to his (SAW's) umath at large was to take care of the rights of their slaves and Salah.

Try to avoid these common mistakes during Prayers !

Spacing is determined by matching your legs space with your shoulder to shoulder distance!!!

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Pronouncing NEAH (willingness) and calling ALLAH AKBAR
loudly for late comers are two wrong things that happen in our Masjids

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Bad smelling breath from mouth due to eating some type of foods (onions and garlic)
or from clothes (socks, unclean clothes) are annoying to other people
and should be avoided as per our Islamic teaching.

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Don't rush and don't be too slow (it is JAMA'H prayer)
go with Muslims in timely manner
(In the drawing below, it is almost end of Fatihah and some one is still in Sujod)

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Yawning during prayers is wrong, try to avoid it……….

Will you do this if you are meeting an important person at work?

Remember, when you feel like Yawning, that you are facing ALLAH
so, try to suppress it and you will succeed….
Respect your presence in front of Allah and HE will respect your Salah.Click here to join nidokidos

New line start MUST be directly behind the IMAM wherever he is.
People start their Jamma Salah some times in a corner. That is wrong.

The IMAM reads loudly and you should listen, but not that you read loudly
and others are disturbed by your reading…
In fact IMAMS reading is enough for all behind him.

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Some other Common Mistakes !

Mistake 1: Reciting Surat al-Fatiha fast without pausing after each verse.

The Prophet (SAW) used to pause after each verse of this surah. (Abu Dawood)

Mistake 2: Sticking the arms to the sides of the body, in rukoo' or sujood, and sticking the belly to the thighs in sujood...

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The Messenger of Allah (SAW) used to keep his arms away from his body during rukoo' and sujood that the whiteness of his armpits could be seen (Sahih Muslim).
Mistake 3: Gazing upward during prayer.

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This may cause loss of concentration. We are commanded to lower our gaze, and look at the point at which the head rests during sujood.
The Prophet (SAW) warned: "Let those who raise their gaze up during prayer stop doing so, or else their sights would not return to them. i.e. lose their eyesight]." (Muslim)

Mistake 4 : Resting only the tip of the head on the floor during sujood.
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The Prophet (SAW) said: "I am commanded to prostrate on seven bones the forehead and the nose, the two hands [palms], the two knees, and the two feet." (Sahih Muslim) Applying the above command necessitates resting the forehead and the nose on the ground during sujood.

Mistake 5 : Hasty performance of prayer which does not allow repose and calmness in rukoo' or sujood.
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The Messenger of Allah (SAW) saw a man who did not complete his rukoo' [bowing], and made a very short sujood [prostration] ; he (SAW) said: "If this man dies while praying in this manner, he would die upholding a religion other than the religion of Muhammad." Abu Hurairah (RA) said:

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "The worst thief is the one who steals from his own prayer." People asked, 'Messenger of Allah! How could one steal from his own prayer?' He (SAW) said: "By not completing its rukoo' and sujood." (At Tabarani & al-Hakim)..

To complete rukoo' is to stay in that posture long enough to recite 'Subhana rabbiyal Adtheem' three times, SLOWLY, and 'Subhana rabbiyal-a'ala' three times, SLOWLY, in sujood. He (SAW) also announced: "He who does not complete his rukoo' and sujood, his prayer is void." (Abu Dawood & others)

Mistake 6 : Counting tasbeeh with the left hand
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The Prophet (SAW) used to count tasbeeh on the fingers of his right hand after Salah. Ibn Qudamah (RA) said: " The Messenger of Allah (SAW) used his right hand for tasbeeh." (Abu Dawood). The above hadeeth indicates clearly that the Prophet (SAW) used only one hand for counting tasbeeh. No Muslim with sound mind would imagine that the Prophet (SAW) used his left hand for counting tasbeeh. Aa'ishah (RA) said that the Prophet (SAW) used his left hand only for Istinjaa', or cleaning himself after responding to the call of nature. He never used it for tasbeeh..

Mistake 7 : Crossing in front of a praying person.

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The Messenger of Allah (SAW) warned: "Were the one who crosses in front of a praying person to know the consequences of doing so, he would have waited for *forty better than to cross in front of him." (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim).
*The forty in the tradition may be day's months or even years. Allah knows best.


I just a film 'Quarantine'. I had no time to write what it was all about but the film was fascinating.. Its a remake of some Spanish film 'REC'.. Well, here is a review by someone from someplace on the web...

Call it a case of deliberately engineered deja-vu, that I consciously decided to sit through this American remake of the recently screened Spanish horror film 'REC'. Well of course the purpose is to discover if what's essentially the same story and technique employed, could get screwed up in a remake, given that Hollywood more often than not, lets down the original brilliance which they think they can replicate easily to translate to box office dollars.

So what's the verdict? If you've already watched 'REC' this one just simply pales in comparison, because of the need to be verbatim, and somehow the filmmakers here found it necessary to tell you every now and then, that there's actually someone behind the camera. Scott the cameraman (Steve Harris) appears quite often in front of the camera, well, and actually does so from the onset. Also, to up the body count quotient, new characters were included (although supporting ones), and unlike the original which had an opening scene dedicated to the fire station filled with more meat, here it drones on and on at how the assigned firemen are getting the hots for reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter).

The storyline's almost the same, save for a few more extra scenes included to jazz up the gore department, and to incorporate some additional action elements. Otherwise, there's plenty of overacting here by everyone, so much so that instead of rooting for the characters to get out of their predicament, you're more likely to find yourself wishing that they meet their demise soon enough. Such is the original essence lost, and with that, what primarily works in 'REC'.

Between the two Angela Vidals, I'd confess that Jennifer Carpenter can't hold a candle to Manuela Velasco. The latter's the sweet damsel you'll risk life and limb to save, whereas the former, well, you'd just wish that she shuts the hell up and stop barking orders. I guess the direction of John Erick Dowdle will have take responsibility for that not-too-subtle difference between the Vidals. And through this film I'd learnt to appreciate how the shaky-cam was used to great effect in 'REC' and how easy it is to lapse into pitfalls as in Quarantine. Same storyline and plot development, same technique, relatively the same type of characters, but totally different outcomes in terms of how it engages the audience, because there were crucial moments where it failed to understand the need for restraint.

Sure you can't expect rocket science to be coming out of this film, but unfortunately it joins the pile of "remakes that don't make it". Word is [REC]2 is currently in production, so I'll be looking forward to that, and hoping that there won't be a Quarantine 2 to embarrass itself.