Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

I am determined to blog today.. Last night I went to the b'day party of one of my cousins.. We did all sorts of usual things.. Then, we created an epic video.. Inspired by a Tv Show.. I hope you have seen 'The Moment Of Truth", people answering questions truly to get some money, at the cost of family relations, and what not.. and we created a Kashmiri version of that.. I cant stop laughing abhi bhi...

See ya Soon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kashmiri Sholay

About to touch 10000 views, this clip is a must watch.. Captured by TOK ( I always tell people if its TOK its me)..

If you want to watch it on YouTube itself.. Here is the Link..


Otherwise Just Click Play... And Enjoy the next one minute...

This is a small and funny version of the Kashmiri Sholay.. If you meet me someday, then lets talk in the way gabbar does in this video.. Very funny...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Kashmiris sell fish

A funny video where a fisherwoman argues with one of my relatives! She is trying to sell very small fishes with one big fish! so as to keep the price at 100rs per kg! But he doesnt want the smaller ones!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bhagat Singh was a Terrorist! And the New British Rule!

Curfew has been imposed today! And here am I watching an old bollywood flick on cable tv! Quite a time killer this film! But I had absolutely no intention to blog had it been a romantic one! One famous actor was frequently shouting “Jai Hind” and was telling the bad guys that his country comes first and he can do anything for it! And why shouldn’t he. “Jai Him” for that!

And when a big mass of people shouts “Jis Kashmir ko khoun se seencha Who Kashmir hamara hai”; no one is bothered! This slogan in Urdu translates to “ We built Kashmir from our blood and so its ours”. Roughly translated though! And the feelings which the so called Indians have for their “matrebhoomi” (Motherland) are appreciated by many!

Kashmir was never Indian, or Pakistani! Never! I support the Indian team in Cricket and just love it when they defeat Pakistan! But that does that mean I need India for me! It is not that by giving me resources they own us! We can survive alone as have many of the others! And maybe we will even better off! India never wanted us to be self sufficient! That’s why they have blocked the international trade routes! And now they just hammered an axe onto their feet by stopping the resources from Jammu! I don’t blame people! I blame the government! If the government says that a group of people stopped that! Then according to me! “Government ne chudiyaan pehni hain" (Government is wearing bangles”!) and they have no right to be in power!

Lots of years have passed since India received its share of freedom from the British rule.. and many think that the Local Indians suffered at the hands of the British even though development was there! Thus development is not a criteria for someone ruling over some one.. Is it!

And here I am writing this article from a place which is facing a similar sort of situation. India is ruling over Kashmir.. Right about in the same way as the Britishers ruled over India!

Many of us think that Kashmir is not going to get ‘azadi’ or familiar terms. Maybe becase they think that Kashmir will not be able to survive. But this article looks at the bright side! The good things from azadi..

Lets first start the discussion based on religious view! Azadi could help us get our own constitution which is based on Islamic Sharriah! And most of will agree that it is a good thing indeed!

Earlier, much before Pakistan and India, Kashmir survived and was actually quite a throbbing economy. It was a part of the silk route! Being land locked, it served as a passage to other lands, I am not talking about azadi as giving us over to Pakistan and leave us to their good humour.. No , we don’t want Pakistan, we don’t want India!

Here I am watching NDTV! And I see that Zardari has given some comments.. That the Kashmiri freedom fighters are terrorists!! Ok Yeah.. Fine.. So was Bhagat Singh! Mangal Panday and Rani Laxmi Bai! They were terrorists in the sense that we are! They fought for freedom and so are we! They wanted the British to go out; We want the Indians to go out!

In that era; as it is famous.. There existed some boards! "Indian and Dogs are not allowed".. No comments here!

I want to join hurriyat! Maybe then i will be able to advise our leaders that lets announce this thing~

"Lal Chowk chalo will be held on the very day when the government takes back its curfew order"

Means either Lal Chowk chalo will be tomorrow or after one year! I want a big curfew.. So that the world will read the following headlines " Curfew imposed for 78 succesive days in Kashmir" They cant stop us like that... "

Lets follow Gandhiji!! Civil disobedience movement! Satyagraha to LalChowk! :D Lets take out our Matric History text books! and read about India's Independence!

Enough for the time being.. Let me watch the film!