Monday, August 25, 2008

The Kashmir code | Protests August 2008

I am bored! 
I am not even brushing my teeth that much in order to save the paste from running out! And worse I have named this post as 'The Kashmir code' based on the controversial 'The Da Vinci code' as i know this one is not going to please you one bit! 

Its so controversial!
 Today was supposed to be Lal-Chowk chalo! and as always I am still at home!! Two reasons here! One that I am not allowed to go out! and second! That a big curfew has been imposed. 

The news channels are all dead! and no paper this morning as well!! Curfew!
 I must thank the Almighty that the net is working and we have electricity too!! Which has given me the things i need to write today's (controversial) post!

 This day will mark as the day when our struggle for azadi was officialy buried! I know its too early to say that but I am pretty much confident that 25 August 2008 will be yet another big day in the history of Kashmir! All the Geelanis, Mirwaizs, Shabir Shah's and Yasin malik's have been arrested! and Lal-Chowk is under so much security that one might think there is a war going on! I woudnt be surprised if an order of 'shoot at sight' has been given.

 To mark the day when this small period of asking for azadi has come to an end; I sum it up with a small report on the 'Slogans', 'Calls' and 'Naaras' for freedom! and why it is better that we dont have azadi at all!! Why we just have to live with it!! Why we have to face the brutality of India!! Something which I wrote a few days back! and now i know why!

A few days back!!

" The slogans of azadi are being chanted. With lots of improvements to the slogans one can see a modern youth which has the courage to experiment with history! Some oldies remain, however, like the eternal 'Hum Kya chahtay' followed by the cry 'Zour se bolo'. But others, which are relatively very new, are quite hillarious. and Why shouldnt they be; after all we live in a "Great Indian LAughter show" era! Some of the humour must have spread! Version of 'Ragda Ragda' and ' Humari mandi tumhari mandi, hum jayengay Rawalpindi' were heard by many. We also, as it appears, to have crossed the ultiamte barriers of language by using English as a medium to get our message across! Many students from Womens College were seen ( and heard ) supporting the modern cry for freedom. For those who didnt guess it, it nothing more than " We want... " and then all the others join in to say "...freedom" But here I may gather some courage to oppose my brethren here! Freedom; Freedom is what .. India... 
Ok Fine! Let us assume India grants us our wish and makes us free! Then it will upto our leaders to lead the young nation.. Ok Ok forget the political part. Lets move to the economic front! We have so many automobiles (actually marutis but anyway) we have to get the fuel! We have to import the feul rather! 
No 'Bharat Petroleum' or 'Indian Oil' for that matter would help us! And thus we would have to import the costly fuel which would be much more costlier as there would be no such thing as a subsidy which the Indian government was earlier offering!
 Yes, we would have lots of electricity! but considering the fact that our havit of using heaters and electricity guzzlers on a 'tsur laen' ( An illegal electric supply). I cant really imagine what will happen to us!
 How many apples would we have to import to get just 1 ltr of petrol! I shudder to think folks! And what about our second big investment.. 
 Where do we get the sheep from for our huge bellies!! The answer is yes we would have to import that as well!! and that means more apples! So guys.. I just have a small suggestion for all of you reading this!! Start growing apples!!! "

Reading this article once again I happily gulped down the last drop of my Kehwa!! Due to curfew the milk was unavailable! And now I am beginning to think that if the struggle for freedom had so many dark faces, what would freedom cost us!
 I remember the history of independence of India! 
So much blood shed! I hate to imagine Kashmir like that! Lets us all forget the big freedom! and lets enjoy our small freedom to go to Lal-Chowk! To have out tea with milk! To go to our jobs! Even if we have to bear the Indian army.. Lets do it!! Its a small life anyway! 60 years is not much if we think about the long term affects of 'Azadi'. and no one knows if you could really reach that number!! So lets enjoy our small bit of azadi!! and Lets do something to have a good amount of azadi in the here-after.. Ramazan is coming so I better not write more.. You must understand yourself.. And here I leave you to ponder, curse or even pray for me.. You have that freedom, dont you? . . 

Alec Smart said: " We want freedom, We want freedom; see I know English " I replied: "Queremos la libertad, Queremos la libertad; see I know Spanish " 

 . . . With a really good intention! Qazi Mamoon