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Why Jesus wasnt the son of God!

Is my understanding correct?
I understand that Muslims do believe in the books of the old testament + the 1st 5 books of the new testament. I understand, also, that Muslims do not believe Jesus is the actual Son of God.
If I am not correct with my understanding of Islam belief, please do correct me.

If my understanding is correct, please help me understand how can a Muslim say that Jesus is not the Son of God when, for example,
in Matthew 3:17 it says: And a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." This was said by God after Jesus was baptized.

This is only 1 example of many that states direcly in our bible that Jesus is Son of God.

Please help me understand what is understood in Islam, and why. I really need to understand.

With sincere gratitude,


There are now more than 60 versions of the Bible(Different versions not translations The different versions of the Bible are not merely different translations, but are actually versions i.e. they add and remove things from other versions)

These revisions serve as concrete proofs that all the Biblical books are not at all divinely inspired. This is because it is beyond man's ability to correct the work of his Creator, who alone is Almighty and perfect

The Bible is a collection of writings by many different authors. The Qur'an is a dictation. The speaker in the Qur'an - in the first person - is God talking directly to man. In the Bible you have many men writing about God and you have in some places the word of God speaking to men and still in other places you have some men simply writing about history.
The previous scriptures were meant for a limited period (and a specific people) that ended with the revelation of what abrogated them and exposed what had taken place in them of distortion and change. That is why they were not protected from corruption

Muslims believe in the books of the previous prophets including the "Torah" which was sent to Moses, the "Zaboor" (Psalms) which were given to David, the "Injeel" (Gospel) which was given to Jesus, and the Qur'an which was given to Muhammad However, Muslims are told that the previous scriptures were tampered with by mankind and the Bible should only be accepted in as far as it is confirmed by the Qur'an. It is to be treated with respect, however any statements which clearly oppose those of the Qur'an are to be rejected as the work of mankind.

God is One. There is no Trinity. Jesus is a prophet of God, and like all his fellow prophets, he is a human being. We love him, and believe in him, and affirm all of his miracles, bestowed upon him as a favour from his Lord. He called for the worship of God alone and for righteousness - as every prophet of God has done. However, his pure monotheistic message was gradually changed by 'Christians' into a polytheistic one, by transforming Jesus(the servant of God, into a mythological God-incarnate figure to be worshipped alongside God All-Mighty.

Jesus was in a mother's womb. He needed nutrition; he was born and grew up to be a man.A man who needs to eat, walk, sleep, rest, etc.. cannot have Divine Attributes because he is in need and God is Self-Sufficient

The term "Son of God" was used metaphorically speaking to those who were godly and pious men. It was never meant to be used literally as the case with Christianity toward Jesus

The Muslim perspective is this: God does not beget sons or daughters as begetting is an animal act reserved for the lower animal functions of sex. Metaphorically, we can all be described as the sons of God as God has created us and He provides for us, but physically He does not beget.

We should first answer this question What is the true word of God about Jesus ? u can find that only in Qur'an the final revelation the only authentic revealed book in the world that has been kept without change

Muslims believe that Jesus was born immaculately, and through the same power which had brought Eve to life and Adam into being without a father or a mother

Truly the likeness of Jesus, in God's sight, is as Adam's likeness; He created him of dust, then said He unto him, "Be", and he was. (Qur'an 3:59).

And when God said. 'O Jesus son of Mary,did you say unto men, "Take me and my mother as gods, apart from God?" He Said, 'To You be Glory! It is not mine to say what I have no right to. If I indeed said it, You knew it, knowing what is within my soul, and I do not know what is within Your soul; You know the things unseen. I only said to them what You did command me: "Serve God, my Lord and your Lord." And I was a witness over them, while I remained among them; but when You did take me to Yourself the Watcher over them; You are the witness of everything. (Quran 5:116,117)

Jesus' giving life to the dead, healing the blind and the lepers All accepted. They were performed through the will of God

Trinity, the divinity of Jesus, the divine son ship of Jesus, and the doctrines of Original Sin and Atonement. All of these were made by men. Jesus prophesied that people would worship him uselessly and believe in doctrines made by men: "But in vain they do worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matthew 15:9).

'Sue' Watson - Former pastor, missionary, professor. Master's degree in Divinity who has Embraced Islam said ; It is interesting to note that there were bishops during the first three hundred years of the Church that were teaching as the Muslim believes that Jesus (pbuh) was a prophet and teacher!! It was only after the conversion of Emperor Constantine that he was the one to call and introduce the doctrine of the Trinity. He a convert to Christianity who knew nothing of this religion introduced a paganistic concept that goes back to Babylonian times

If you really examine the Christian teaching on human sin with an open mind, you will see that they say that God sacrificed His only son to atone for the sins of mankind, and that this son was a god. If it was true that he was a god who was beaten, insulted and crucified, and died, then this doctrine contains elements of blasphemy because it accuses God of weakness and helplessness.


Please read and ask the Creator for guidance

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