Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Devils number 666 and me

Lately I have been staying back at home. There is nothing much to do. Yesterday I decided to go and get some movies. I didnt have much money to buy an original film DVD so I decided to get those cheaper DVDs from one of those secret streets in Kashmir. I found a master piece!! The DVD contained five films: Omen, Scream , Scream 2, Van Helsing and Constantine... Enough entertainment... But today as I completed watching 4 of these films I am beginning to think!! All of these are (kind of) horror movies with Omen and Constantine dealing with the Satan, Exorcism, Christianity and such things!! I have some experience after reading the da vinci code but it had still not prepared me for this thing!! My name and the devils number!!

I am writing this post at 11:27 pm today on the 9th Of July... The Omen was released on 6 June 2006.. ie 6/6/6 .. That day I remember was a special day and so is it every year! And I saw number 23 6 times!! Call me a movie bluff if you want!!

Three 6's ie 666 is the devils number (so it is believed) or the number of the beast.. Some interpret it as a title of the 'antichrist' (da'jaal). It is mentioned in the Qur'an and I assume you know about it!! Find out more about this number here!! It is important you go through this link once!

The other thing which I came to know in one of these films is about Mammon!! A satanic god! Actually believed by Christians to be the son of satan!! (They also have wrongly started to believe that Jesus is the son of Allah; when will they learn)

Now you might be asking where do i step in!! Well My name is Mamoon (for those who didnt know). I also have one of the rarest names!! There is Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, and one Afghani singer whom I know with the same name!! Now Mamoon resembles Mammon to a huge huge extent doesnt it?

The word Mammon has different versions in different languages with the same meaning in at least Finnish (mammona), Danish (mammon), Dutch ("mammon"), Hebrew (mamon), Norwegian (mammon) , Polish (mamona), Czech (mamon), Slovak (mamona), Swedish (mammon), German (Mammon) and Afrikaans (Mammon). They all mean the beast, the devil, the satan and what nots!!

And you know what the best thing is:: My birthdate falls on 6 June... 6 6.....!!! Yes sir!! The sixth day of June!! 6, 6!!! the devils number!! partly though!! But isnt that a good enough coincedence!! And yes my name is still Mamoon!!

So either I am the beast, or I am the satan or just something like that!! So just call me at 666-666... six times!!

While I am writing this post its 12 O clock already into the night!.. I have kept the lights on in my room!! No other light from any other house!! Many things are attracted to lights!! Whao!! Hold on. I just saw something move outside my window... Ooops!This huge insect had taken an oath to terrify me!! Banging against my window 666 times, with that eerie sound of wings fluttering!! I think I wont be able to sleep tonight!!


Alec Smart said " Hey Mamoon I caught that insect!! It looks like you! Doesnt it?"