Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pans Labyrinth! I recommend..

I admit.. Really good films are really tough to find.. And add to it a really good story and lots of hardwork..

Pan's Labyrinth is one such film which I am going to recommend to everyone.. Its beautiful, its dramatic and its in Spanish.. Well, the audio is in Spanish but we are made to understand the things by small English translations called as subtitles..

But honestly this film is a must watch.. After a lot of research on the net I came to know that it has won 3 Oscars besides some other awards as well..

The story focuses on a girl Ofelia who , actually a princess was initially tempted by the human world.. The story begins when Ofelia and her mother Carmen are travelling to join Captain Vidal ( her new stepfather ) at his post in the mountains. Then the story takes A U-turn and a perfect turn for that matter...

I am not actually reviewing the film but I would like to write about the character of Captain Vidal. Well, Vidal is a mad guy. Imagine, in a scene he has to question a farmer and his son, the former having been found in the mountains with a rifle. Vidal listens to their claim that the father had only been hunting rabbits, but when the son keeps interrupting, he snaps, brutally beating the son on the face with a glass bottle, literally shown destroying his nose before shooting both of them. In another scene he is shown torturing a captured enemy and torturing him with pliers and other tools... It is so scary..

Well.. I think I am destroying the story.. Here is something by an expert

In 1944, in the post-Civil War in Spain, rebels still fight in the mountains against the fascist troops. The young and brave Ofelia travels with her pregnant and sick mother Carmen Vidal to the country to meet and live with her stepfather, the sadistic and cruel Captain Vidal, in an old mill. During the night, Ofelia meets a fairy and together they go to a pit in the center of a maze where they meet a faun that tells that she is a princess from a kingdom in the underground. He also tells that her father is waiting for her, but she needs to accomplish three gruesome, tough and dangerous assignments first. Built in highly dramatic surrounding the film is a must watch. Meanwhile, she becomes friend of the servant Mercedes, who is the sister of one of the rebels and actually is giving support to the group. In a dark, harsh and violent world, Ofelia lives her magical world trying to survive her tasks and sees her father and king again.

And imagine the effect which the film has had on me.. I am now starting to learn Spanish..

Habla un poco Espanol..

Alec Smart said... "Your exams are just a week away and you are watching films"
I replied... "Un momento, let me write my blog peacefully"

Here is the official link... Do visit it.. Even if you are not interested in the film, do visit the site for the eye candy.. Please I beg ya!


And here is the trailer if someone has the time..