Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am a Member Of the JkToK community

We are not aliens are we.. (To be more precise atleast I am not)
I do want that you as sensible citizens join in the common cause. If you have the power to dream then join us!

So you can proudly be a part of JkToK. All you need to do is to put this image on your blog or web page. Once you do so tell me about it by commenting on any post and giving me the link to that page. I will verify the image on your web page and then include the link to that web page on my JkToK lisitngs. And I will be proud to take you as "A member of the JkToK community"; a community that has the power to dream!

The HTML code for the badge is can be found below. Use it by replacing * with <. Two of the stars are in the first line whereas the third one is in the last.

*a href=""> *img src="" alt="Proud to have the power to dream" /> */a>

Alec Smart Said: "So what does the IPL actually stnad for?"
I replied: "Well, Indian Paisa league"