Thursday, April 24, 2008

Burn Hall School, Srinagar

I am missing my school. I am 'really' missing my school.

Its a cruel cruel world out here..

The first batch of ours (12th) failed to make an impact.. One guy would have had a position but because of the negligence of school authorities he was declared as 'reappear'. They hadnt sent his internal marks to the Jammu 'Na' Kashmir Board as a result of which his result was withheld.. And our school lost a precious position.

As I see the school buses moving on the roads, my eyes lit up and then dim down... I am no longer a part of the institution.. I know it has started to deteriorate.. All because of the filthy rich getting their business minded boys to study in .. Quality of education suffers.. They dont want to become doctors as such, they just want to expand the huge business empires...

Money + No worry for studying = School deterioration

Something needs to be done...

Alec Smart said: " The school is good but what is the hill doing in the background.."
I said: "Its not a hill.. Its our progress report graph starting to get a downfall"