Thursday, March 20, 2008

Review : Anti-Islamic Sites

Recently I had written a post on an antiIslamic site. I really thought of finding other such sites for you.

The following are the list of Anti-Islamic sites. These sites are run by anti-Islamic elements. and are so convincing that it is not easy to make out the difference. Muslims are warned against visiting/using these sites.

Fellow muslims brothers are requested to forward such sites through mails and scraps to add in to this list.

And, last request please dont visit any of these sites if you are a bit weak at will power..

I have visited these sites and have come up with their reviews.. But first a warning..

"Caution: There is Another anti-Islamic Site"
Why issuing an alert letter is precisely the wrong thing to do

By Khalid Baig

"The most anti-Islamic site will die if it faces a frozen counter. That would happen if you just leave it alone. But if you are out there telling everyone about it and asking them to do the same, you are in effect volunteering as their publicity department."

The alert letters keep coming. Beware here is the latest anti-Islamic site. Then a URL so you can verify that it is indeed as described. Then a passionate request to tell all the Muslims in the world about it.

Sincere. Misguided. Counter-productive.

Little do the senders realize that they are actually helping the very sites they are trying to fight.

The failure is in realizing that the Internet is a very different medium and the rules that applied to the previous media do not always apply here. If there is a bad magazine or book out there, you can tell others about it. We can be sure that nobody will rush to the closest bookseller to buy it. The warning may be useful, if there was a chance that some people could have bought the book out of ignorance.

In the click-click world of the Internet, the first thing most people will do is to click on the URL, thereby increasing the hit counts and boasting the morale of the site owners. Second, it will help it with search engine placement, as some of them will use the increased curiosity traffic as a sign of popularity. You just helped create the monster you wanted to fight!

It is common sense. If you don't want people to visit a site, just don't tell them about it.

It is very easy to setup a page on the Internet. It is very difficult to draw traffic to it. The most anti-Islamic site will die if it faces a frozen counter. That would happen if you just leave it alone. But if you are out there telling everyone about it and asking them to do the same, you are in effect volunteering as their publicity department. That is exactly what they need.

If there is a well-established site (like CNN) it makes sense to launch a protest campaign. But for most of the sites the prudent course is just the opposite. Leave it alone. Let it die of neglect. A natural death. The greater the lack of attention, the faster will be the death of this would be monster.

So the next time you receive an alert letter about an anti-Islamic site, just delete it. If you respond to the sender, do not include the original text of his alert email, because even that may help some search engine ranking.

There were dozens of anti-Islamic sites that sprang up recently but died soon after because, luckily, our enthusiasts had not noticed them and had not publicized them through their alert letters. The ones that receive the alert letter mention will, unfortunately, survive and may thrive.

On the Internet, the best use of your energies is to promote the good Islamic sites. Let the good drive out the evil.

One more thing that I will add.. I am telling you about this because if unfortunately you were redirected to these sites while you were searching for Islamic queries, dont believe them. All you can do is that remember the URLs of these sites... BUT DONT VISIT THEM.. I have just given one link below and yes you are allowed to visit it.. This link shows us that Jesus was buried in Kashmir...

So lets start the reviews.. > This site actually uses the new testament to contradict the Qur'an.. Christian Site, I guess.. There is a section on Qura'nic Errors.. Poor people.. They actually find errors in the new testament.. And yes for those still cofused, new testament is the human edited version of the bible.. > Looks like a good site at first.. Had me fooled for quite sometime.. It even has a section for converting to Islam.. So I had a look into that section.. First few articles indeed looked clean but as we move on they start to misguide us.. They use filthy logic for proving things.. Stupid and idiotic logic.. > While on my mission in checking out these sites I came to this one and couldnt stop laughing. You know Why? There is an article that Jesus travelled to Kashmir and his tomb can be found there.. Here is the extract and make sure you dont laugh.. The site is perfectly made to represent a true Islamic site with all the downloads and articles.. But before you jump in read this extract found on page


The burial place of Jesus in Kashmir is known to the locals as Rauzabal, meaning the Honored Tomb.

It is known as the tomb of Yuz Asaf, which may be of Buddhist derivation (see link) or possibly from Yusu or Yehoshua (Jesus) the Gatherer.

Local tradition states that the entombed was a prophet of Ahle-Kitab, or People of the Book, and his name was Isa - the Quranic name for Jesus.

The prophet Yuz Asaf came to Kashmir from the West (Holy Land) in the reign of Raja Gopdatta (c 1st century A.D) according to the ancient official documents held by the current custodian of the tomb.

Some of the most extensive research on the tomb has been conducted by the now retired famous historian and former Head of Archaelogy for State of Kashmir, Professor Fida Hassnain.

The tomb is Jewish, as attested by the direction the grave is lying. Next to the grave is a footprint engraved in stone, an artistic rendition of the wounds of crucifixion." > I have already mentioned it somewhere back.. Go have a look there > This is a site which aims at converting Muslims into Christians.. Not so interesting however.. > This one was the toughest.. One can find absolutely no errors on it... But but.. It is too big a site... Actually I got this list from another site... And I am still not able to figure out where it opposes Islam.. But I am trying OK?

The list is under construction...

"many are the jinns and men we have made for Hell, they have hearts they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like Cattle nay more misguided for they are heedless." 7:179

With Absolutely good intentions