Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kashmir and the English coaching centres

I admit, I am suddenly seeing a large percentage of people conversing in English. I step into a bus and someone is discussing the al budget in English. I step off from the bus and the conductor shouts “Move it Mr. Driver'.. Lets enjoy this piece ... And a warning, please shut down your brains while reading this!

Well, its a great news.. the weather its like warming up.. after this terrible winter we have had here.. and yes I am busy as ever.. am learning to speak US english.. well yeah! With the pronunciation and stuff.. actually umm its not what you are exactly thinking at the moment.. no no I have not joined any english speaking institute.. One can see thousands of ads being shown on tv telling people that asthma is pronounced the way it is to be in the way they think it to be... and yes u just thought about the VETA academy or something like that.. well ok am really very sorry to disappoint you I am not going there.. actually I go to DOEACC for a course to study CCNA very quickly.. and then they have a class caleed ITES-BPO in which we are taught how to supeak properly and actually converse with someone in a very precise way..

Lets see Kashmir a phew years phrom now.. everyone speaking english.. but 'khaslat ma gasi change' O sorry 'khaslat' is actually Character.. either way the kashmiri counterphart appears to be a 'lekh' O sorry my mistake.. 'lekh' is not a 'lkhe nemore' it is abusive word..

and lets see what else can be done to the other words..

I hope people learn to say 'Millitary'. One might assume that the Kashmiri pholk is well versed with millitary terms and guns and ammunition.. but my friends it is not the same.. millitary is not millitary but rather 'mintry' so a millitary woul transforms to 'mintry woul'

Ashthma is not 'As-tha-ma' but Aezma.. O they are so clever.. they may teach the phish sellers at lal chowk to shout off their wares in a most peculiar way.. Instead of 'Gadehow chow' it is 'phresh and phine phish'.. instead of haqh it is ......... and we may see a new era of englishization in our beloved valley..

At this time when we should be concentratying upon saving our kashmiri language and promoting it, we are doing quite the opposite. Instead of opening quality “english teaching' centreswe should open a 'Kashmiri teaching' centre..I also know that it is a very bad idea.. After all, who among the new generation is going to learn this language when a supposedly better language can be taught.. Just one thought to ponder upon.. if kashmiris themselves dont take care of their culture and traditions, dont expect a Bihaari to start learning Kashmiri like we have started learning english.. u know english right?
before coming out in the ring to take on the people with the newly inherent english speaking skills you have got.. try to polish it a bit.. there is that everlasting and everechoing accnet + the fact that people have started to lay stress on the sound 'r'.. like in 'really' and ' strong'.. but when these comrades of english language are asked a simple question which is “Which animal is called as the king of the jungle?” the answer is loin... not lion.. lets forget my spelling mistake here.. and lets try to focus on “Lion” with a 'ee' sound first not 'loin' with an O sound first..

well this article is now worth of competing with one of the harry potter novels in terms of size and grammar and spellings. (not in english , though). It is also a good thing that the shorter the article, the less chance you have to spot the grammatical errors in it.. happy finding them.. and yesh re duni

Alec Smart said.. Tata... Use Tipper at night..

~With good intentions