Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The BarCamp rocked!


The first barcamp ever held in Kashmir valley.. And yes it didnt happen in Jammu..

Actually the weather played a bit spoil sport . We were expecting good weather but alas!

After applying the Duckworth-Lewis rule, the following people came..

1. Qazi Mamoon - Editor (TOK) :D me of course
2. Ehsan Quddusi - UI Specialist(Xensoft Labs)
3. Muhammad Inam - Developer (Xensoft Labs)
4. Mir Nazim - Chief Architect (Xensoft Labs)
5. Basim Amin - Developer (BQE)
6. Nadeem Bashir - Chairman (Xensoft Labs)
7. Irfan Mushtaq - CEO (Xensoft Labs)
8. Imran Samoon - Developer (Xensoft Labs)
9. Asma Yasrib - Tech Writer (BQE)
10. Bilal - QA (Xensoft Labs)
11. Mohammad Mustafa Khan - Implementation Officer (Musky Software)
12. Noor Mohammad Beigh - Prog. Manager (The Perfect Future)
13. Sheikh Asima Ashraf - Software Engg (The Perfect Future)
14. Tariq Ahmad Bhat - Centre Mangar (NIIT)
15. Aqif Majid Bukhari - Student (Burnhall)
16. Irshad Ul Islam - Student (IGNOU)
17. Shaila Farooq - Software Engg (The Perfect Future)
18. Muzaffar Ahmad Bhat - Software Engg (The Perfect Future)
19. Peer Javed Iqbal - IT Consultant (IGNOU)
20. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat - COO (Musky Software)
21. Shahnawaz Asif - Team Leader (Musky Software)
22. Ammara - Student (NIIT)
23. Romaisa - Student (NIIT)
24. Razeef - S/W Developer (Xensoft Labs)
25. Younis - Prop. (JK Disc)
26. Mudasir - Developer (American Loan Masters Inc)
27. Shabir Ahmad Gilkan - Marketing & Designing (DZ International)
28. Imran Yousuf - Team Leader (The Perfect Future)

I actually am quite tired to write up everything, so i just copy stuff actually written by Ehsan Bhai... Find hin number 2 on the list...

Here it goes..

This is a time to celebrate & cheer up as we have successfully
organised the first-ever and the maiden event of CampKashIT today. The
camp was organised in the premises of B Ed College, M A Road,
Srinagar, started at 11:30 in the morning and ended at 5:30 in the
As usual, campers with full energies, passion and enthusiasm rocked
the event. The event started with the introduction of CampKashIT in
context of Barcamp and was followed by an open discussion on the IT
scenario in Kashmir. This was followed by another open discussion on
the Career Opportunities in IT in Kashmir. After the discussion we had
In the post lunch session we had some magnificent, hardcore and
creative talks by various campers.
The camp was attended by around 30 people, mostly professionals.

Talk List
1. Introduction to CampKashIT - Mir Nazim (Xensoft Labs)
2. IT Scenario in India - Basim Amin (BQE)
3. IT Career Opportunities in Kashmir - Open Discussion


4. Piracy & Open Source - Qazi Mamoon (TOK)
5. Creative Mind, Presentation by 7th standard boy - Akif
6. Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 - Muzaffar (TPF)
7. Introduction to Drupal - Mir Nazim (Xensoft Labs)
8. Web in next 5 years - Ehsan Quddusi (Xensoft Labs) me :)

Feedback and general discussion for the next camp.

Now the time to celebrate those of you who couldn't attend the camp.
Insha Allah, the next camp will be held in the first or second week of
June this year. . And yes it is a community event, so be sure to help..

And yes... thanks are due to everyone who helped in making this small event a huge success..