Saturday, January 19, 2008

12th class results and the Kashmir Board Of School Education


***NEWS**** The result for 12th class has been declared today on the 10th of March.. For the latest 2009 results of Jammu and Kashmir state board of school education (JKBOSE), session 2009.. Kashmir.. The results are available here If this link does not work please try this.. Mirror (Server 1) Mirror 2 (Server 2)

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BOSE has done it again. For the umpteenth time this year they have failed to create history. As you all must be knowing that the Kashmir School Board of School Education has announced the 12th class results. (Well believe me they did). And they could have created history if everything had been perfect (and guess what-I passed).
The first position was bagged by a very deserving candidate indeed who got 692 brilliant marks. She had secured the First position two years back as well when we were called as Matric pass. I will be leaving out the name.
Maji kornum zaare paar
Logya ath Tv'es naar
Khabar kithken gous cross hasa
Paas hasa hai
* My mother wanted me to learn.
* The Tv should also burn
* Somehow I managed to cross..
* Cross the class hasa hai (No Translation available for hasa hai)
Subhan yele gous bedaar,
Superintendent draw maelis yaar,
Me ha kor 12th
Paas Hasa Hai..
* When I woke up according. to trend
* Superintendent was my Fathers Friend.
* I have passed the class hasa hai... (No translation available, told ya)
Paeter myane disnam car,
Chandas manz chim haaro haar,
Moth cham diwaan maas hasa
Paas hasa hai
* Uncle gifted Honda Accord.
* Pockets are filled with money, god,
* Auntys pressing my leg so hard
* Finally, I am Pass hasa hai..
For those who read it and didnt laugh, I apologize. Its hard to make every Kashmiri laugh.
I would like you to leave out everything and recommend to just visit this link. This link will lead to and will display the marks sheet of a boy. Remember that the marks are out of 750 this year.
Link. .
For those who dont have the time to look it up, let me tell that this guy has been entitled with the Grand Title of 'Reappear'. The guy needs 20 more marks to get the 10th position. And thanks to the Board guys he has to reappear. And, unfortunately, he is a Burn Hallian. That means our school could have atleast got the 10th position. (We got none)
Bashir sir sums up the historical performance of the board.. (read as bored)
“Ek wizi aus gazettes peth aamut weshne Pinta Ji son of Makhdum Saheb”
-Pinta Ji son of Makhdum Saheb had once been seen in the gazette..
-{Noticed any difference in the blog?)