Thursday, December 13, 2007 is crap!

I have been quite troubled. I visited a site lately.

The pictures ares an indicator of the material in the site.

Wherever the eye goes, one can see Islam being portrayed wrongly. But not so wrongly as this site does. Its filled with crap members saying all sorts of crap things. And of course no one is ready to understand a thing. (Naturally)

Well... It was my job to report it to you. Now its your job to---errr do what you wish to do!

Here is an extract from the site:

"Muslims love to brag about the so called 'scientific miracles' in the Quran. In almost every debate with muslims, they will at some point, when they feel cornered bring out the 'scientific miracles' in the Quran to prove its divine origin. That, despite the fact that there are numerous instances in the Quran which are in direct contradiction to the fundamentals of applied science. Science in Quran has been refuted many times over and I do to wish to discuss science here again. The very unscientific concepts like Muhammd's joy-ride to paradise on a winged horse, his splitting of the moon, the jinns and angels, are conveniently ignored by Muslims when asked for a logical explanation."


Cant anyone do anything about it.. Like hack them or something!!

Before you visit that site:
1. Do remember it can brainwash you.
2. Make sure you have lots of time.
3. See that you dont boil over too much.. Everyone has to go and report in one's own grave; so try to be a better Muslim yourself and forget about their fate. Allah will take care of them.
4. This is only for the strong hearted.

Take me to that stupid site..

The terrible forum where it all happens:

With Good Intentions
QMFi-Aman Allah في امان الله