Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rewriting History Books.. Again

This is the last post of this year so I plan to make it as long as possible. Not that you will get bored reading it!!

But first things first!

Its been 60 years since the Tricolour was hosted in India and there are but few people today who know about the days of early freedom. The wounds of Partition are felt, no doubt, to a much bigger extent in Kashmir. And even if something happens in Pakistan, something has to happen here.. First I mention what happened there:

We all know Benazir Bhutto has been killed, right? But we don't know how!! Media has confused us. From bullet injuries to a cracked skull. Thats where I step in to provide the summary:

  1. Benazir Bhutto enters her bullet-proof white SUV after addressing a mammoth Election rally in Rawalpindi..

  2. She drives away only to stop soon to wave at a group of supporters. For this she climbs up into the open through the turret of her car (thats called a turret I think)

  3. A man steps out from the crowd with a gun and fires bullets into the SUV through the open Window..

  4. Bullets hit her chest and neck (And maybe even the skull as 3 rounds were fired)..

  5. A security guard leaps at the armed man who activates the bombs attached to his body. Explosion results killing at least 30..

  6. She is rushed to the Hospital..

Earlier Benazir had sent a confidential email stating the Musharraf would be responsible for her death because of not providing her adequate security..

Musharraf, on the other hand accuses the terrorist group Al Qaeda stating that

Al Qaeda leader 'Baitullah Mehsud' had congratulated his forces over phone for the assassination (which is said to have been tapped up by the Pakistan intelligence agencies).

However Baitullah Mehsud denied any involvement in her death as it is against their custom to attack a woman.

The search for her successor!!


The photos at the right show the possible killer!! The left ones show the latest in Pakistan!!


And thus the plot thickens!!!


Greater Kashmir carried a big page ordering a complete shutdown the next day (Of course someone else called for the Hartal; the same someone who wasnt allowed to leave his home on that fateful day)!

Speaking of Greater Kashmir, it is seeing the best time and the best articles. There has been a hue and cry over many things including the loudspeakers, the 'Vande Mataram' thing, LAWDA, hangul

etc but of course all of them fell on deaf ears (I mean blind eyes). And how can we forget the Eid special issue of GK. Eid Mubarak's from the Pinta's coming from all the streets. And roughly the ads covered 96% of the publication of GK that day. Well, Eid Mubarak!!

But now lets move on to the place where i live.. To be more specific near Hyderpora..

A new fly over is being built across the bypass crossing at err- Bypass. And its quite a treat watching it grow. And a better treat to your eyes seeing the chaos around it. Suddenly you may see an auto springing up from nowhere and murmur a word or two. Or worse you may watch an entire convoy pass before your eyes and helplessly keep quite. And of course the other cars behind you cant see it and press that shameless horn of theirs. Its not that you are going to cross all limits and slip between two trucks and give the other car to lead the row. (and face the brunt of the shameless horns).

Now Down South and a little bit to the west...


The revelations made by a “bajrangi” regarding Modi show him as a butcher. The investigations has revealed the hollow claims of safety of Muslims in India. It is the worst example of genocide. The perpetrator of this gory crime is the CM of Gujarat. The crime committed by Modi and his followers has exposed India's claims to be secular.

Is the the kinf od democracy that India is proud of? Where people ironically choose a killer to become their CM in order to sweep out minorities and strengthen Hinduism. The Indian law punishes only a common man who is powerless but spares mass killers like Modi. Tehelka team deserves praise as they have done an excellent job in unveiling the mask worn by Modi. Everyone should condemn Gujrat massacre and Modi and his followers. He should be dealt severly with and not made a CM yet again. But as this week had to flood the History books so- volia.. He is the CM yet again!!

There should be a law!!

A strict law!!

Just as there are strict guidelines regarding the qualifications for a job there should be some here too. Like how many people the contestant has killed before (Applicable to states like Gujrat, Chattisgarh, Jharkand and Bihar) and how many is he planning to kill more. Has the contestant any experience in genocides and how many years.

Well I have devoted some of my time to form an application form for such politicians. For those who received my email should have seen that and now must comment upon it. For those who wish to get that pdf file should email me at mamoonq[at]gmail[dot]com.

Well I am going now and i hope i didnt bore you much (The Truth is that you are bored and now I am talking about how much)

And a last word now..

Happy New Year and please please go and
visit this new forum for the Times Of Kashmir..

Yet another history book paragraph.. Wheee!!

Oh sorry! I forgot the video: Check this newly uploaded link:

Its a video showing Burn Hallians acting out a popular scene from the film 'Sholay' but in Kashmiri..

Thursday, December 13, 2007 is crap!

I have been quite troubled. I visited a site lately.

The pictures ares an indicator of the material in the site.

Wherever the eye goes, one can see Islam being portrayed wrongly. But not so wrongly as this site does. Its filled with crap members saying all sorts of crap things. And of course no one is ready to understand a thing. (Naturally)

Well... It was my job to report it to you. Now its your job to---errr do what you wish to do!

Here is an extract from the site:

"Muslims love to brag about the so called 'scientific miracles' in the Quran. In almost every debate with muslims, they will at some point, when they feel cornered bring out the 'scientific miracles' in the Quran to prove its divine origin. That, despite the fact that there are numerous instances in the Quran which are in direct contradiction to the fundamentals of applied science. Science in Quran has been refuted many times over and I do to wish to discuss science here again. The very unscientific concepts like Muhammd's joy-ride to paradise on a winged horse, his splitting of the moon, the jinns and angels, are conveniently ignored by Muslims when asked for a logical explanation."


Cant anyone do anything about it.. Like hack them or something!!

Before you visit that site:
1. Do remember it can brainwash you.
2. Make sure you have lots of time.
3. See that you dont boil over too much.. Everyone has to go and report in one's own grave; so try to be a better Muslim yourself and forget about their fate. Allah will take care of them.
4. This is only for the strong hearted.

Take me to that stupid site..

The terrible forum where it all happens:

With Good Intentions
QMFi-Aman Allah في امان الله