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Bihaari Invasion In Kashmir, Why?

Where is Bihar? Bihar is surely in India but let me tell the readers that we have a personalized version of Bihar here in Kashmir at a place called as Hawal. An avid reader shares her experiences and thoughts (Some points were deliberately added and removed from the original submission)…

Here we go… Special thanks to the first contributor for ‘The Times Of Kashmir” alias ‘Eldin Bleze’


*Kashmir, as commonly perceived, is a land of Kashmiris. Our ‘Mouj Kasheer’ (Mother Kashmir) belongs to us. We should be possessive about our land:

‘Jis mitti ko khoun se seencha, who Kashmir hamara hai’.

Ok! I don’t want to start a debate upon Azadi et al but want to direct the attention of the readers to a new phenomenon that is occurring in Kashmir.

  • The invasion of the Bihaaris has started.

They are coming in buses, in trains, in sumos, the Air-Deccans haven’t been spared too. They are leaving their dense Bihar to come here. I am using this term ‘Bihaari’ for a special case of the general folk who come across to do menial jobs-YES, I mean the bihaari laborers. It seems as if the Kashmiri is living in a wrong place; in a land completely occupied by non-Kashmiris. And the worse part is that our protectors (the security people remember!!) are much friendlier to them than to us. We have been abandoned in our own land. What’s happening around us? From cobblers to sweet vendors to barbers (the barbarians) they rule the valley of oppressors and deny the economic options that would otherwise have been for the local Kashmiri. And worse they claim to be Muslims which they are not! I have asked many to read the Qalimas but none did. You should try too. And I even saw a locket on a person with some goddess on it who originally was claiming to be a Muslim and even told his name as Abdul Saleem.

Consider the life of a Kashmiri outside Kashmir. All the time he is harassed, labeled as a terrorist, his life is made hell by the people around him, sometimes a Kashmiri doesn’t reveal that he is a Kashmiri (which I think is proper considering the things that accompany the Kashmiri label). The Non-Kashmiris tease the Kashmiris and then expect a grand welcome in their favor from us. Tourists are welcome. What I am talking about is the tribe of Bihaari laborers. No! Please don’t encourage them. Recent happenings in Kashmir should open your eyes. I am a bit young to discuss them but the reader should know what I am talking about.

Here is the link of what i mean, just a small hint..

May the good intentions behind this article draw the attention of friends and authorities towards the havoc! A poor Kashmiri is the worst hit, there jobs are being snatched off, their income reduced. No Kashmiri masons, painters, or carpenters wondering at their fates; these Bihaaris have taken it all.

Something must be immediately done before our Kashmir turns full of paupers. Intelligence wise the Kashmiri is much more developed than them and has a much wittier brain. While people think about logical ways to complete tasks; the Kashmiri is the person who thinks about applying a ‘chaal’ (trick) to complete the process. Bihar doesn’t have a history of culture, at least it cannot be compared to the works of the Kashmiris. So why let them come into our beautiful land.

Ok! Enough of seriousness here, time for some cooler stuff...

Read this joke:

“After 15 years from now all countries would be asked to give out what they are the richest in. (This joke supposes J&K as a country after 15 years). USA gives out nuclear weapons, Germany gives out scientists, Japan distributes mobile phones and other countries too participate. The next turn is of Kashmir which innocently distributes the Bihaaris.”

It might look funny but it has a deep and grave fact hidden in it.

I have a particularly interesting incident to mention here which once occurred on my way to exams. I had boarded the bus with the very heavy variety of a Pradeep’s Physics and a much heavier heart. And yeah! You all an realize the value of that last hour before exams! I immediately found a seat and started harnessing the power of this last hour.

Human nature or whatever you may call it, I looked up to see who was sitting next to me; though obliquely so that my ‘Koshur ego and attitude’ was not hurt. Lo! And Behold!-his excellency- Mr. Bihaari. His clothes were stained and the ’Sherlock’ inside me correctly guessed and elementarily-stated that his excellency was a painter. While this guy had a colourful shirt, mine was colourless: not the uniform but my world; Special thanks to that Physics paper. Hardly had I imagined that ‘his excellency’ would prove a scourge for me. That fellow was kind of ‘Brekaan Keyle’-(munching on bananas) as if he hadn’t seen one in Kashmir for a long long time. Well, it wouldn’t have bothered me only if he wouldn’t have been silly enough to drop a ‘Keyle khend’-(piece of the banana) on my clean uniform. He didn’t give much thought to it and continued ‘brekaan keyle’. Hawal came and his excellency went down the bus to join the thousands of similar looking Bihaaris. Many more Bihaaris boarded the bus: exchanging gestures, and peels of laughter. The bichara conductor; all he could do was say ‘Oo Baaya, chalo path path!’. And when the conductor asks for money, they say amongst themselves, “Paense tu delelo, ye mangey hai!” and thus they start. And with all that ‘til kangen’-(oily combed hair) having the special SKT oil applied doesn’t make them smell one bit good. (SKT is the special Sarsoun Ka Teil.)


Finally the bus reached my destination and I saw the ‘Ghanta Ghar’- the famous clock tower of the valley. Its famous because most of the time, the time shown on it is 13. Yes 13-the right time to get it repaired. But since very less time remained for the exam, I hurried into my school and then into the examination hall. I sat down and started to think about the next 3 hours of my life. Suddenly I heard the teacher scream, “R. no 33, are you sleeping. Why don’t you answer your roll call??” I stood up and said, “ Ma’am, hum aaya hun! Woh babu log shour karat hain! Hum kuch sunta hi nahi houn!”

(Special thanks to the author who wished that this must appear after her name which was not to be mentioned.. The author wants that Kashmir should be like Kashmir, owned by Kashmiris and some further political thoughts that come to her mind aren’t to be mentioned here.)

And please do me a favour…

Read it once again!

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