Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best of all...

In a guttural voice of his, a voice worth hearing…

A voice which Pinta keenly wants to imititate…

The voice of Mr. Bashir Mir ( Or Mir Bashir, whatever the case maybe ).

This Post is a collection of just some incidents (which I wish to forget but they are too important) featuring “the voice”.

Pinta loves Eldin Bleze…

The dialogues..

Pinta finds him amusing…

Some find him clever…

Others regard him as the only teacher..

Some say he uses abusive language…

Others say he knows the way of proper teaching…

Still others regard him as a comedian …














What if he copyrights the name…

Then who will have the right to copy his personality…


“ A teacher teaches,

A good teacher explains,

A best teacher guides….”


“Is baag ki shaaqh pe ulu bethey hain…

batao andaz-e-gulistaan kya hoga…”

The room in which he teaches us has a khatam-band ceiling (carved walnut wood)…

At one end lies a glass slab painted white on the other side..

Our class (Mamoon’s 12th) is meant to start at 7.30 in the morning…

which means people like me who stay far far away from karan nagar must leave their houses at 7.00 when the sky is still dark and the atmosphere is filled with “Dua-e-subah” and “Aurad-e-fathiya”…

I go there in our car..

Several people stop to stare at us as we break the mach speed in order to reach there in time..


I cautiously get off the car with a kangri in my hand, give it back to the person who drives (sometimes Pa, sometimes our driver)..

I make my way to the place..


The place of the huge gathering


A huge gathering..

One door…

All waiting for it to open…

The countdown begins..





















The door creaks open..

The pushing begins…

All are seen with a white card in their hands..

Their entrance ticket..




Aayey (kashmiri anguish cry)

I also try to get in..

Yes!!! Finally I am in!!

Keeping my footwear on the footwear of another person., I drag my feet inside the class finding boys wearing all sorts of things…After talking about 15 minutes discussing important issues, Bashir sir is seen entering the room…

Only the torso visible, the legs not seen due to the torsos of studnts..

Quack!! Quack!! Make way!

It appears as if a duck id swimming in the water..


Adjustment is done…

The boys are made to compress together…

“Hata paku ukun!!”

“Ou idhar 5 aadmey pohunchey gey..”

“peknaw yem pache ukun”

//Move away!!

// Hey you 5 humans can fit here

// move your hooves away


“Han to jesa ki aaf ne ( Yup it is aaf ne) kal padha tha…”

and thus he begins…


all this stupidness has booored me…

here is(are) some typical Kashmiri proverbs…

(with a dash of sauce)

  1. En senz kolai khudayas hawale
    //A blind man’s wife is in God’s keeping
  2. Kokri henzi dige che ne pooit maran.
    //Chicken cant die from the blow of a hen.
  3. Reyi chu shabnam sehlaab.
    //An ant finds dew as flood.
  4. Gade maraan koli manz treshi hoch.
    //The fish die of thirst in the pond
  5. Oun kya zane pron bate.
    //What does a blind man know about quality rice?
  6. Gari ne way, nebre tie.
    //No food at home, yet in formals you roam.

That was Kashmiri ancestor made…

Now here’s some new mamoon made..


//The scientific analysis of a compound called woman..

Element: woman

Symbol: Wo

Discoverer: Adam

Mass: Most acceptable at 55 kg, known to vary widely from 35kg to 70kg .

Occurrence: Widely spread, appears in the most unexpected places, found in areas of habitation.


  1. Boils at nothing and freezes without apparent reason..
  2. Melts upon special treatment.
  3. Dangerous if incorrectly used.
  4. Absorbs great quantities of expensive substances.
  5. Has great affinity for gold and “Kahani ghar ghar ki”.
  6. Highly repulsive if in contact with another molecule.
  7. Ummm. That’s all I have.

At the end some thing in Kashmiri, remember it is more funnier in kashmiri.

For those who cannot understand this language I have sympathy…

“ Hello…Hello… hataz salaam haz kermuw..

ye kya sa boozum tse chuy marun…Han?

Brain Tumour in the intestines..?

Hai hai kyah goum..

Akh naseehat karai

Yethne taam hogaade, aanchar, muje-tsut, ya thool khekh…

Away pyoum telephone karun…

Sawaal chu ath dedis ma chu wen kanh yelaaj…

Yene dawaah khyekh zi doudey gasi khatam…

Pate ma pheri choun…

Acha garz aousum ne ye wanas…

Boz boz

Me prus akis peeras ( peeran che na sariy patah aasaan)

Me wonmus…

Hata yaare shothus ha zu gaz door aeseth kangri set nare tot khasaan chu...

Su woth oure Reshi phashi hina deth…

“ Allah tala chu raheem te kareem! emis dostas wan. ki dah saas te dah rupye Karen pagah shamas taen niyaz… beye satan kokren henz wante trawen ganten….

Beye karun kath qurban…





Besides I wanna show you the pictures inside eldin bleze, can SOMEBODY TEACH ME WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT AND GETTING A GOOD VIEW..