Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pinta's point of view

OH DEAR Ramadhan has started and poor old pinta has started praying…

Five times a day, one siparah ( Quranic chapter ) , No Tv and the most important of all:
He has gone under purdah……the fellow always wears a burqah while going out….

But the street dogs are not amused….they bark at him and chase him….however don’t blame the animals…..the creatures haven’t seen a burqah in recent times….they think it is a modern Iblees ( satan)….

The story does not end here….a police man caught hold of him and said:

“tu Bachoun ko churaty hai”  (you are a kidnapper)

But one couldn’t understand Pinta’s real motive…
After a lot of work by my detectives, the mystery unfolded….

In Lal Chowk a new shop had opened….
And as a fantastic opening offer, he presented free ice-creams to KHATOONS ( respected women)

Speaking of Lal- Chowk, it is worth to be seen in the holy month.
Specially the attitude of the bus conductors…
In times of trouble:
“Hai rozdari haz che, wen aestew te diwan pure kiraye”

( It is ramadhan, atleast give full fare in this month )

But the passengers ( or sawarye) don’t find it amusing… they in turn refuse to accept a passenger who is destined to stand.

“hya, kyoho goyi , rozdaran bechaaren te ankha sitam wen”

(hey you, are you mad, will you torture a poor fasting man)

While Pinta says
“ wosta , namaz ha gow tsceer”
(Driver, it is getting late for our namadh)

pinta has wasted the whole year and not read a single namadh and now there is no
mai-ka-lal ( son of the mother ) who can stop him….

Good for him…

Anyways it will only last upto eid and then he will be normal again…

And do you know what pinta prays for….here are some of his duas

“ ya allah agar mughe matric mein first position aayi to mein namazein paanch waqt padhna shuroo karunga”

(Oh Allah if I secure the first position in the matriculation exams then I will start praying five times a day)

****** khudayas thawi minath tem namaz pareth*******
( he will do a favour to Allah by praying to him)

But Allah doesn’t want that pinta should waste his time by praying too much, so when the result comes out he will be far far away from the namadhs.

So lets wait for the result now….

Is it or is it not...

Finally the long awaited month is here…

A really short period of 30 days ( 29 or 28 whatever the case ) in which a kashmiri after a whole year of cheating turns to Allah…

One particular Sunday afternoon, my family had their ears glued to the Radio…
They were waiting for the announcement that the moon had been sighted….
Radio Pakistan was on every radio set that had ever been purchased ( or stolen ) in the history of Kashmir…

It still puzzles me that how can an announcement which is valid for Pakistan, still be applicable for Kashmir…
After all they are two different parts of the earth differing in their latitudes and longitudes…

Some old wise people say that Kashmir was a part of Pakistan and that’s the reason why.
But according to the young lad whose BAKWAAS (rubbish) you are reading at the moment, Kashmir is a part of India and then why don’t we follow India.

The wise speak on this too and say that India is primarily a Hindu country and Pakistan a Muslim one, and thus we should follow our own people…

They also say that Pakistan is much more closer to kashmir than India is ( can ne 1 explain y???) and thus when they will see the moon, it will mean the same thing as we seeing the moon.

WELL if that’s the case we are close to china and that must imply they have seen the moon also with us…
Similarly China has Russia very close which surely must mean that they must also have seen the moon.
Likewise Russia is in close proximity to USa which, undoubtedly means that they must also have seen the moon…

And so forth using small areas as our guides we can prove that every area on the earth has sen the moon….

So don’t be surprised to hear this:

“In the past you must have kept a fast on an eid day when you still believed that the next day was eid just as the Pakistanis had it”

So next time don’t open ur radio sets but flock over to some open field and see the truth yourself…