Friday, September 22, 2006

part one

Part one:
Lights on:
Sound on:
Roll camera:
Poor old Pinta, all his friends are deserting him because his parents are not allowing him to take tuitions. They think he is too brilliant to go there lest the teacher might learn something from our Pinta. His father, a doctor, whose case study will surely comeup in the future thinks that his son is a child prodigy. “nechuw chum Einstein”---
(i.e my child is Einstein)


But surely not.

Einstein lived long long before and cannot possibly be dr. sahib’s ( respected doctor’s) son.

Pinta studies in form 10.
Social Science

He wants tuition
For three subjects viz. Math, Science, And Social science…
For Studying
For Passing 10 th class
For a chance to meet some girls (who themselves have somehow convinced their ( or there) parents that tuition is actually a good thing)

The math tuition is ok…all cooperate to solve problems…
Urdu (a real classic Indian language) means the discussion of love poems (Ghazal) which really warms up the place…
Science creates the most problems….

Biology + Co-Ed + ***** = Quite a lovely disturbing atmosphere

Somehow pinta ( our main actor ) shows to his parents that he is a real competitor capable of securing the First position in the finals by studying at the tuitions.
So to help Pinta, His parents get him cable tv.
They want there (or their) son to watch discovery channel and get a real sharp mind (but Pinta has other plans )

The year passes by and the exams approach real quickly, tuitions finished…
Now it is back to the “studying at home” attitude..
Somehow the poor old lad crams everything up and gives his matric ( 10 class )

That surely was a sentimental exam…

All types of mothers waiting for all types of sons and daughters outside all types of exam centres…
For whole 3 hours…
Waiting for their chashmo-chirag (glitter of the eye) to come out and proudly announce that,

“ mummy, paperas kud me duh”—(ie I made smoke out of the question paper)

MA: “ Lagya balai, jigra. Thokmut ha asak. Wal be tuly bag”—(Oh My Darling, You must be so Tired, come let me carry your bag)
PINTA: “me ha asan hatuw manz hath” ---- ( I will have 100 out of 100)
MA: “zoruy wanu, yem baqi faqir maje te ha gasan bozne ki moun gobure kya chu” --- (speak loudly, let these good-for-nothing mothers also hear you)

Everyday some new story and finally the last day of the exam…

Freedom for Pinta
PInta reaches home

Pinta writes a letter which he wants to show to his father..

“hi pa,

I really know you r expecting something from me
But I cant help it if I fail

I have had no time to study…

There were only 365 days in the year..

Saturdays: there are 52 Saturdays in a year ( rest dayz)
We are now left with 313 dayz
Winter holidayz: it was so cold 60 days this year that I couldn’t study…
We have 253 days now
Eight hours I slept that equals 122 days
Oh dear 131 days remaining
One hour playing each day
15 days in total …116 left
Two hours for meals per day
86 days remain
One hour at tuitions every day
71 dayz left
21 days we attend exams
50 days
Marriages, phirsaals, setum duh (kashmiri culture) and Sundays=30 days
20 left
I was ill 5 days
Saw some movies and discovery channel (remember)
5 days
Two eids in a year
3 days
Remember we went to pahalgam for the weekend
0 dayz

Now pa where is the time to study”