Friday, September 22, 2006

JUst An InTRo

MAMOON: “Comedy, Must read it”

“I had a friend who was mine, whom I liked I thought he was fine….
It was my thought, he liked my ways…..
In my absence he hated the days….
He behaved such as if my own…
Up till then kindness he had shown…
I could not bear something wrong….
About my friend to me who belonged….
At last I realized that it was true….
That he did not love me as I do……”

Actually this stuff here is not based upon love, or for that matter betrayal…
This is just one of my own writings which after writing, wrote themselves permanently in my mind.

Me am Qazi Mamoon, Me studies in the form 11 (sometimes called as A level for some fools who don’t understand)…
me live s here Me no doctor…Me will buy a cart and me will go to all places of the world selling peanuts…because me thinks selling peanuts is the simpler job to reach than to become an engineer or a doctor …..but me loves the cold cold air that they enjoy in their offices (of the AC’s)….so me thought to become someone who sweeps their offices….(ain’t I humble, down to earth person for possessing such thoughts)
Now back to the normal mode of communicating:-

I study chemistry at Eldin Bleze….(whatever that meant). Nicely situated at
The hub of Srinagar city (want a more complete address, no problem…here we go

Karan nagar,
South Asia,
The East,
The Earth,
Inner planets,
Solar system,
Milky way,
Local Group,
Local cluster,
Great Attraction,
The universe,
A door to another universe (black hole!!! That’s my theory, you step into one and off you go…)
The other universe with a yet another black hole
And so on…

Now back home (whose theory I have yet to give) things are simpler.
Take my life as an example…
1. I wake up at (mostly) 5.00 in the morning….(I find waking up at night too insulting..)
2. Go to fyzix tuition (that’s my spelling of physics, you must get accustomed to my way of writing)
3. Reach School…My own school and not some girl school…(though I do really wish that)
4. School finishes (actually can finish at any time I decide to wake up the, so called, sleeping volcano that overlooks the school).
5. I reach home by a very beautiful phenomena called bus……not the buse sekolah (school bus in malay) but a property of the state transport..
6. Back home, freshen up, ( I mean I go upstairs and then comfort myself)
7. After making sure no one will see me in the bathroom, I head for the place where I spend another half an hour of my life (doing what????)
8. Then at last I head out for the ELDIN BLEZE:…
To study chemistry…
To laugh madly…
To get moral virtues…
And to get a lot of sweat out from my body…

This is the place
ELdin BLeze

These are the dayz
Read them please….

Mr. Mir Bashir (or Mr. Bashir Mir, whatever the case maybe)
Teaches us unteachables..

And what a master he is in teaching the subject….
He has his own story line, main characters like pinta and pinky (these form comedy nicknames in our Kashmiri culture), supporting cast , villains , action et al.

Pinta is a typical Kashmiri boy who studies in our class (A or 11)
The poor fellow does not study but tries to show that he studies well but if we closely study him, we will study that this so called studying boy does not study at all.
(got it?? If not, its time for you to study English)

And for studying English, you must concentrate, and if you cant, here are some tips…

>> Get a dedicated space, chair, table, lighting and environment>> Avoid your cellphone or telephone>> Put up a sign to avoid being disturbed or interrupted
>> Change the subject you study every one to two hours for variety
>> Do something different from what you've been doing (e.g., walk around if you've been sitting), and in a different area…

And finally use hypnotism if none of the above works..
Try this
And concentrate here..

OK try and concentrate on this… its a constant called pie…

3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651 32823 ...

As a knew you were too curious to skip it and see what was next.,..
Don’t worry I never expect anyone to “OBEY MY COMMANDS”….
And I also happen to know the nature of the human mind

See you later…